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                                                            Douglas Fir ˝” x 4” x 4” blocks are a beautiful standard

Old Wood LLC is a national grade maker of wood block floors for Industrial, Commercial and Residential uses. 
From the forest to the final product, we control every aspect of our production. We harvest, saw, dry, machine, 
design and produce blocks for the largest factory floors while still catering to and thriving on architectural challenges from some of the the top architects in the world.


Wood Block flooring is known as End Block, Butcher Block, Parquet, End Grain and other names.

Wood Blocks are a “Transverse Slice” of the tree. Picture a standard 4x4, 2x4 etc: 
now, slice pieces off of it and lay them flat. What you are looking at is the ring structure of the tree as though looking at it lengthwise along the ste of the tree. What it represents is pure Vertical Grain.
We can make them square, rectangular, octagonal, hexagonal, round and most any other way you can imagine.

                                                                  Many shapes and sizes are possible and practical! 



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